Sunday, September 30, 2007

Always Happy!

People always ask...Are your boys always this happy? YES THEY ARE! We have so much fun together all day long. We read books, goof off, sleep, eat, play peek a boo, and have at least 1 giggle fest. We do certain exercises each day to work on their physical abilities as well as their developmental abilities. There are days that I feel alone and bored because I do the exact same thing everyday...pretty much. But then I look at these guys and think about how much fun we have and how much fun it will be when Eric comes home, that I forget about my woes! I don't regret for one minute that I'm a stay at home mom. I finished my degree, helped Eric get through dental school, got comfortable with the Army life and now it's time to share our love with someone else! I look forward to them walking, talking, telling me about their days, school trips and family vacations. So much fun is ahead!

From time to time, one might cry, but there's usually a reason for it. A finger pulling an ear, foot stomping a head, gas or sleepiness are the usual reasons for crying. Brandon was the only one who cried at all today, but I think it's because of his rash. Once it clears up in one place, it pops back up in another. We're heading back to the doctor tomorrow to have her look at it. It's really bad around his mouth, but I can't put the cream there. I got out my Lansinoh cream I used while pumping since it's 100% natural and safe and put some on him tonight. He cried...HARD for about 30 minutes before he just ended up falling asleep. I gave him some Motrin though...maybe it finally kicked in for him. We went on our evening walk and he was fine until he fell asleep. Poor little guy.

Connor fell asleep on Mr. Elephant
Brandon fell asleep with his butt in the air...SO CUTE!

8 Months Old TODAY!

The boys are 8 months old today! We celebrated with a trip to Target and Linens 'N Things...YAY!

I big CONGRATS to our neighbor Michelle who gave birth to healthy twin girls on Tuesday! They weighed the same as the boys, but will be coming home from the NICU this week! Even though they are small, she made it to 37 weeks so they have no lung or eating issues. The girls are nursing well and are just working on sustaining their body temperature. Her husband is deployed, but should be home by Tuesday. YAY for twins!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Play

This is how the boys woke up from their morning nap today. I think Connor has Brandon in the "choke hold" Needless to say, Brandon was screaming! No worries...mommy to the rescue.

They both love this ball popper thingy. The balls usually pop out right in Connor's face!

Independence is BLISS

It's finally happened! Both boys can hold their own bottles...YAY FOR BABIES!!!!! Brandon can't hold it the whole time just yet, but he's made a huge improvement in the last week! I've had to be a tease and hold it in front of him while he cries out with hunger, and yesterday he finally reached up and grabbed it to put it in his mouth! Such a smarty! I was so excited this morning that I jumped up and took a picture. After this, we went to Sams for the bi monthly shop for all of the needed baby supplies. While we were there, we ran into Ingrid. She's another mom I met at Mother's Day Out who has identical twin girls 2 months younger than the boys and an 18 month old. Thankfully, her husband returned 8 months early from his 15 month deployment.

Goofing off...once again!

Brandon looks like he's saying..."Mom...why do you do these things to me?"

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mommy's Night Out

As most of you know, I'm the queen of winning prizes off the radio. I've won wine, John Mayer tickets, Brooks and Dunn tickets, Train tickets, hot chocolate, Outback gift certificates, cash, an autographed Maroon 5 electric guitar, fruit basket, a private dinner with Bob and Sheri, and the latest win...a set of tickets to see Air Supply. Not only were the tickets free, but the concert was right here in Fayetteville! My old coworker, Renee, and I headed out to the concert tonight while my friend Cathy stayed with the boys. She's a grandmother 3 times now...with one on the way...and one of her grandsons is only a month older than the boys. He doesn't live around here anymore, so she needs her baby fix from time to time. Tonight was the first time I left them with her and they did awesome! She followed my instructions exactly and said they did nothing but laugh and giggle all night. She even walked them and gave them baths, and got them in bed 30 minutes early! A big THANK YOU goes out to her for allowing me to have some time to myself...with Renee, of course.

The boys were supposed to go to Mother's Day Out this morning for the last time before RSV season, but that was canceled at the last minute due to a runny nose and rash. Connor has a runny nose that explodes like Ol' Faithful every time he sneezes which I think is related to teething because he doesn't have a fever. Brandon has a rash which we went to the doctor for yesterday. What he has isn't contagious, but if I saw a kid in the church nursery with a rash on his face like what Brandon has, I would be mad that the parent left them there to possibly infect other kids. I have to be respectful to other parents because I want the same respect from them when their kids are sick whether it's contagious or not. Since we didn't get out of the house, the boys helped me weed the landscaping in the front of the house as well as all the cracks in the concrete. My front yard look AWESOME now! We had a decent day in between one scratching himself to tears and the other decorating all the toys with clear snot! I was very excited to get out of the house tonight and know that they are being taken very good care of. I was hoping to get some pictures, but no cameras allowed. It's all about money! I paid 3 bucks for a bottle of diet coke! Oh was a treat to myself.

It's almost 1 am and I still have a few things to do before I can go to bed. I'm definitely taking a nap with the boys tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Connor's Narration

I'm not sure if everyone remembers, but I put together a little narration from Brandon a few months ago with a series of pictures. I thought it was hilarious and it made everyone else laugh too. Connor wanted to do a narration too, so here it goes...the narration for each picture is UNDER the picture!

Hi! My name is Connor...remember me? I'm the one Brandon made fun of last time because of my fat rolls. Well, to get back at him I decided to try a few different "careers" out on him to see which one fits best.

Career #1. PIRATE...arrrrgggggggggg....not the life for me! I don't think he would be able to pass for a pirate...

Career #2...DENTIST???? No...I told him to open wide and he didn't, so I shoved my fingers in his mouth to try and pry it open...but he wouldn't budge.

Ok...time to show a picture of myself...aren't I cute sitting up all by myself???? I love that blue ring....sorry...back to Brandon now.

I guess he's ok to just be a kid for's too early to try and name his career. We'll both just be kids for now and make mommy earn her title. I love you Brandon!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cereal time

I started the boys on oatmeal Sunday. So far, so good. They aren't getting a whole lot in their mouths, but they are doing really well taking the spoon in their mouth. They've been on rice cereal for so long (in their bottles) that I decided if there was an allergy, we'd know about it by now. Connor opens his mouth as I bring the spoon towards him, and this is what Brandon does...

For Daddy

The boys are the sweetest and cutest when they are far! They are such good boys and so much fun throughout the day, that I'm not surprised they are the same way when they sleep. I keep telling Eric how cute they are when they sleep, and how I love to walk in their room and see how they have positioned themselves. Sometimes, Brandon puts his little hand over the bumper pad and falls asleep, sometimes Connor snuggles with his blanket (like he is below), sometimes they are touching each other, and sometimes they just snuggle (like they are below). Seeing this definitely makes any frustration or stress I may have, completely disappear! It's 100% rejuvenating.

After they wake up and eat, we're heading back up to the NICU to see the nurses we missed last time. I called ahead yesterday to see who was working and it's almost the exact opposite of the last time we went. I know the nurses check the blog from time to time, so I hope to get some pictures today. It all depends on how busy they are, of course! My boys have graduated from the NICU and there are other babies who need the nurses' attention. Time to get ready!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?


I felt bad that Connor has been getting all the screen action lately, so here's a picture of just me and my "slim jim"

Just since Wednesday, Connor has made a huge improvement in sitting up and holding his bottle. He pretty much holds the bottle on his own. I have to reposition it a few times for him, but that's about it. He's gotten remarkably stronger while sitting up. He hasn't been able to play with toys while he sits because it would make him lose concentration and fall over. Now, he can hold a toy in one or both hands and remain sitting. He was sitting for a good 5 minutes before he fell over today. I'm still working with Brandon on sitting and holding his bottle. He's always been a few weeks behind Connor...other than rolling over!!! I got a few videos of Connor....enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures from the last couple days.

This is what Brandon does when you put him in the Bumbo seat. This totally defeats the purpose! Not to mention the fact that he could hurt himself very badly! I have to sit in front of him and entertain him with a toy to get him to sit in the seat.
Brandon wanted the toy above Connor's head SO bad! He did finally get it. I wasn't going to help him because I wanted to see what lengths he would go to to get it. He did end up rolling on Connor's head, but it's all good!
I've been trying to cut the boys' finger and toe nails for a few days now. It's so hard to do that! I waited until they were quiet for at least an hour and went back in. This is how I found them. Notice Brandon's foot smooching Connor's face! Gotta love it! I did finally get all 20 fingers and all 20 toes cut! YAY!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Developmental Check Up #3

I took the boys to their 3rd developmental checkup myself! I didn't have anyone to go with me, so I just sucked it up and went. Things went just fine! Here's the outcome...sorry it's lengthy, but it's hard to tell everyone all the specifics on the read up!


19 lbs 7.7 ounces and 26.3 inches long. He has stayed very consistent on the growth charts which is good. Once a chunk, always a chunk! HA!!! We are going to start cereals this weekend and will start veggies in mid-October sometime. I got some really good info on making baby food myself because I absolutely refuse to pay for jarred foods for two kids. It's not that hard to do it myself. I'm going to start doing it and getting stocked up in the freezer, and we'll save canned foods for when we travel.

He scored at the 7 month level for his social skills...surprised? I think not! These boys love to smile, laugh and be around other people...hmmm...just like their mommy!

He scored a little low on his communication skills. I'm not worried about this at all. He still babbles and screeches, but doesn't make any sounds other than vowels. We are going to work on this, but once again...there's such a wide range for vocalization skills, that I'm not worried about it. When he screeches, he makes loud and jerky movements with his body. So, we're going to work on whispering and varying the volume of his talking. One very interesting thing he did, was answer to his name. I seriously talk to these guys all day long. When the OT, Kim, said his name, he turned away from me to look at her! Such a smart little guy.

He needs to be holding his bottle more, and I brought that up before he was even assessed. We started that today with a little "tough love" feeding. He had to bring it to his mouth and hold it himself, when he dropped it, we started all over again. By his last feeding tonight, he already improved! He kicked total butt when it came to playing with toys, and looking at himself in the mirror. He grabbed the toys they presented him and played with each one intently.

He needs to work more on rolling over and not sitting up with his arms straight out. He's not using the correct muscles and therefor arches his back when he's on his tummy and when sitting up. Once again, I brought this to their attention before he was assessed, so I knew it was an issue already, and they gave me some exercises to do with him.

Finally, he needs to work more on grabbing his toes. Let's face it, Connor is just content with hanging out and not working for anything! We went over more exercises for this as well.

Overall, Connor is doing very well! He averaged out at his adjusted age which is good. None of the things he needs to work on, are things that I'm worried about. He'll do these things when he's ready and all I can do it encourage it. He did shoot out a couple good screeches for them!


15 lbs 2 ounces and exactly 25 inches long. He, too, is progressing along the charts at a very constant rate. He had a length surge between May and July, and not so much between July and September. No big deal though. He is still under weight, but at least he consistently under weight! He will be on the same schedule for eating and I said above for Connor.

He, too, scored at 7 months for his socialization skills. I'm definitely going to have a couple of outgoing kids on my hands!

Communication was the same as with Connor. They are on the same track with their communication.

Holding the bottle is the same as Connor. I do the same exercises with him, but he's no where near as strong as Connor is, so I didn't push him as hard today as I did with Connor. Connor is just plain lazy, but Brandon is a little pip-squeak! He played with his toys and answered to his name too. He very gently reaches for his toys while Connor grabs. They said that's directly related to Connor's lack of volume control...I thought that was interesting. Brandon does not squeal and therefor reaches gently for his toys while Connor does and grabs...hmmm.

Brandon is a champ with rolling over and movement, but lacks strength in sitting up. He's not a big fan of the Bumbo seat and gets upset if I set him in my lap for a period of time. He loves to lay down and roll around. I have to take him out of that comfort zone a few times each day and make him sit up. They suggested I encourage him with toys while he's in my lap or in his Bumbo. I do that anyway, but it was nice to hear that I'm doing the correct thing. He did well with pushing himself up while on his tummy using his arms and not arching his back like Connor does.

Brandon likes to grab his toes when I change his diaper or whenever I tickle him. I'm going to do the same exercises with him and I do with Connor to encourage it more. The main reason for grabbing the toes is for flexibility. Once again, not a huge concern, but just something to work on.

Brandon is still failing his hearing test in his right ear. We're now being referred to an ENT to have it looked at. He's already had 2 ear infections and there's constantly fluid in the right middle ear...TUBES HERE WE COME! He'll most likely have to have tube or tubes put in. It's obviously something that needs to be done since this isn't correcting itself.

Overall, I think Brandon is doing well too! We're going to focus on his communication skills and strengthening his upper trunk. I felt really good after the appointment because I recognized their pitfalls before they were even assessed...made me feel like a good and attentive mom. I really wish Eric were here to see them grow and change, but at least I have this blog to help him be a part of it. To put these issues in perspective...even if the boys weren't preemies and didn't qualify for these developmental appointments, they aren't lacking in anything that any other full term baby may lack in. These things all vary so widely from child to child. Mine are just followed very closely to try and catch anything before it happens, and I'm very grateful to the staff at Womack. They are wonderful with the boys!

I went to the pediatric clinic and started the process to move the boys there instead of civilian care. I have to wait and see if they are going to be approved to receive the RSV vaccination on post. If they aren't, we'll stay in off post care through flu season and will move when it's over. I know the boys are approved for the vaccination off post, and am not going to jeopordize them getting that shot. It's super important for this flu season that they are protected. I'm going to ask for a flu shot myself next week at my doctor's appointment. Since I have preemies, I shouldn't have any problems getting one!

I think that's about all for now. I'm tired of writing this blog and I'm sorry if it's boring, but at least now I won't have to spend so much time on the phone trying to catch everyone up!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to get some more cute pictures to put up soon!

Monday, September 17, 2007

B-E-A-utiful day

From the words of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, it's a B-E-Autiful Day today in NC. Here's a pic to prove it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our friends Michelle and Hunter

The boys and I went to our friends Michelle and Hunter's house for some Japanese dinner the other night. Hunter had his tonsils taken out about a week ago and has been super clingy to his mommy. We were curious to see what would happen when she held both boys. Sure enough, Hunter crawled up behind her and wanted attention too! Silly boys! Michelle likes for me to come over so she can see how Hunter acts when there's another baby around...just to prepare for another one some day! He's very helpful and gives them their pacies if they are crying and loves to give kisses. I'm not quite sure he understands they are "human beings" like him, but he's very sweet towards them.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY HUNTER!!!! We went to the Cumberland County Fair today with the boys to celebrate Hunter's birthday. We really didn't celebrate was more for us girls to get out of the house and eat a funnel cake! They will be having his real birthday celebration when his daddy comes home hopefully in late October or early November.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sitting up instead of "spitting" up?

Who are we joking...OF COURSE they still spit up, but Connor is now doing really well at "sitting" up! I got a little video of him doing it today. I work with both of them about 3 times a day, each, to learn the art of sitting up. Connor is doing very well, and Brandon is getting there. Brandon tries to lean out of the Bumbo seat because he'd rather roll around. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just goofing off

Both boys were being a little fussy, so we just started goofing off. I put one on my shoulders while sitting on the floor and played with the other one. They really liked looking at themselves in the mirror, but I couldn't get a picture of them like that on my shoulders. Here's the best I could do!

As you can see, Connor sits up very well now! Not completely on his own yet, but we're getting there. He's definitely become the drool monster. I wish that pesky tooth would come in and relieve some of his pain. Poor guy! I'm SOOOOO ready to be done with the infancy stage and move on to the mobile stage. It seems like they have been "infants" forever since they were born so early. Other preemie moms have said the same I know I'm not alone! Back to goofing off, but before I's a quick message from Connor....

zzzzzzzzzz dxcdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffropoi-ou09i99h8 hyu yuyy 8888888u 877uui888888y98b8

Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing is fun

Brandon is finally enjoying his Bumbo seat. I don't think he's as strong as Connor, so it took a few extra weeks for him to actually sit in the seat. They like to pat things now. Whatever they are sitting on...whether the Bumbo, a lap, or a bouncy...they like to pat it as if to say...I like you!

Just another day

Well, now that the boys are pretty much all better other than the occasional cough, I have it! I figured it would happen eventually. Therefor, the Danko house is quarantined due to illness and clutter. I'm going to try to get everything put away and picked up. I haven't been able to since the boys have been sick! I just unpacked my suitcase last night after being back for a week, and just got caught up on all the laundry.

The boys did very well with their schedule while I was traveling, but for some reason, they are all out of sorts now. They slept until 8 this morning!!! I think it's definitely time for solid foods, and hope the pediatric nutritionist agrees with me at their developmental appointment next week. Seriously...Connor is almost 20 pounds and he's not even on solid foods yet! They don't seem to want to eat 5 times a day anymore. I'm ready for a change in routine!

Since I'm under the weather now, we won't be traveling to Maryland this month. So sorry Bri!!!! Instead, we are going to attempt to head up there around Halloween. It's Bridget's birthday and they throw a big party every year. As long as everyone is healthy, we'll go and party with her. We'll probably head out the weekend before Halloween and will spend 4 or 5 days there depending on Bri and Jake's work schedules and the boys 9 month checkup.

I put the boys down for their nap this morning, but Brandon wasn't quite ready for bed. He played and cooed in his crib for a while before falling asleep. I'm glad I went and checked on them because this is how I found them!!!

They love to snuggle with blankets now, but I guess it's time to stop letting them have them! Don't worry...I pulled it off his face right after I snapped a picture! They have become back sleepers now too. I think that's interesting considering they have slept on their tummies since they came home. Oh well...I don't care how they sleep as long as they sleep.

Here's a video of our morning play session!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

FREE babysitter???????

Jade goes wherever the boys go. She's very gentle around them and likes to give them kisses. A little doggy kiss is always good! I still worry about the door bell ringing and her accidentally stepping on one of them now that they roll all over the floor. If I walk out of the room I just make sure she comes with me. Normally, I have the baby gate up to keep her and Rena in the kitchen so they can just go in and out of the doggy door, but Jade gets very lonely. Rena is perfectly content to play outside and stare at squirrels all day. Jade, on the other hand, has to be part of whatever is going on. The pups lost their spot when the boys were born and I rarely get to take them for long walks now. Picture stroller holding 2 kids...Jade who still pulls on a leash...Rena pulling up the rear...with 2 poop bags in my hand...doesn't sound safe to me!

I'm going to try to get these guys down for a nap so I can get one myself. They are both feeling much better. Brandon did this sad little whine/cry all day yesterday. He just didn't feel good...plain and simple. I gave him some motrin and put him in his crib and he took a nice long nap and woke up happy. He didn't want me to hold him, didn't want to be in his swing or his bouncy, and wasn't hungry. He just wanted some time to himself with his great grandpa bear and his mobile. I think we're on the up and up now. Unfortunately, I feel like crap today, but at least I can take a few motrin myself and a decongestant and feel better.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

New car seat for C-man

Connor "officially" weighs 19 pounds 6 ounces according to the drs office this week. I ordered him a new car seat early in the week and I'm glad I did. He looks so smooshed in his baby car seat. After I figured out how to work the car seat straps, I put him in it to see how he liked it. He instantly spit up on the shoulder strap guard...go figure! Here's another picture of him in his bumbo seat. It won't be long before this little guy will master sitting up! His pjs are 12 month the way! He's my growing man!

Don't worry...think red spot on his right 4th toe is a birthmark! It freaks some people out when the see it. He's had it since he was just a few days old!

Our fellow preemie friend, Reese

Throughout our journey in the NICU, there was only one other family that Eric and I got close to. That would be the Hartman family, consisting of Tara, Jason their 3 year old son Logan and their preemie, Reese. Reese was due in early April, but came in early December. Tara and I keep in touch through email because our schedules are so conflicting that it's really hard to get together. Now that RSV season is right around the corner, we won't be able to spend time together until March or April of next year. Tara compiled a beautiful video of what their family went through with Baby Reese, and I thought I'd share it with you. He's definitely a miracle baby! I'm warning's a tear jerker! It definitely makes me thankful for my healthy boys and gives me someone to turn to when I need support!

Reese Hartman's story

Friday, September 7, 2007

Who says siblings don't know how to SHARE?

Brandon was SO nice to share his cold with Connor. He started the coughing, gagging, and wheezing today...YAY FOR ME! Needless to say, I have a bunch of meds and steroids in my kitchen for these boys. Breathing treatments every 4 hours, oral steroids and antibiotics. We all know the effect antibiotics have on digestive systems...YUCK! Brandon is definitely feeling better. He's still pale and ashy looking, but he's back to being able to take a small bottle and not just pedialyte. After their morning feeding, we all snuggled on the couch to watch the Today show. I managed to sneak off the couch to get the nebulizer ready, and here's what they looked like...poor guys.

A few more days on the nebulizer and other drugs and they should be back to new. I managed to make a piece of chicken, zucchini and squash for dinner instead of another cookie! HA! Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Consider the Danko house quarantined!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Update on my sicklings

Well, the boys aren't any better today. I took them back to the doctor, got more meds, and was hoping for an uneventful night. I managed to just get Connor down, but his nose explodes with green goo every time he sneezes and Brandon cries every time he coughs. Brandon is genuinely in pain...poor guy. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow. If he's not any better then we'll probably have to admit him. I'm hoping the steroid treatments kick in really soon. My dinner consisted of a healthy chocolate chip cookie and diet mt dew...yum! I almost had a breakdown in the middle of Target at the pharmacy after I realized the doc didn't write out the 2 prescriptions she wants B on, and when we tried to call her, the office was already closed. It was only 3 pm. I'm off to get the bottles in the dishwasher, give B his last nebulizer treatment in my bed, and then try to get some sleep.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trip to the ER

Well, I packed up both boys and took them to the ER tonight. Brandon has had a nasty cough for the last few days and I took him to his dr yesterday. She said it was asthma. Hmmm...I'm switching drs! He has a full blown ear infection and Connor just has a head cold. Connor's is probably directly related to teething. He still laughs at me and wants to play. Brandon has laid around all day crying off and on, coughing so hard he gags and throws up. Needless to say, I've done 2 load of "barf laundry" today and he's had 2 baths. Hopefully the antibiotics will work and make him a little more comfortable. I'm going to let him sleep for now since it's midnight and give him his meds the first time he wakes up. He's hasn't slept much tonight and cried almost the entire time we were in the ER. A big thanks to my neighbor Taylor for going with me...I couldn't have done it without her. I hope they both get better soon. As of right now, we won't be going to Maryland Saturday. We might wait until Tuesday to go up now, but it they are still sick, we'll shoot for the next Saturday! Pray for the boys to get better sooner than later!!! It's so sad to see Brandon so sick...poor buddy :(

Monday, September 3, 2007

6 months pictures

Here are the boys' 6 months pictures. Ann and Noah went with us to Target in Indy to have these taken. They did an excellent job and really captured each boy's personality. We had some taken all together too. Thanks to Ann for picking these up and getting them to us!!!! I sent pictures to the Grandparents and Great Grandparents. If you would like more, then I'll get you the information to order more through the Target website. Great-Grandpa Yibby, I'm going to try to get yours out to you this week...everyone else should have theirs.

Connor falling asleep

To see this video, turn the lights off wherever you are viewing it to see it better. This is a video of Connor falling asleep in his crib and rubbing the foot of his great grandpa. So sweet. Notice that he is in 12 month size jammies and he doesn't fit the width of the crib anymore!

Boys and their toys

Sunday, September 2, 2007

First pair of shoes

Well, I finally broke down and got the boys a pair of shoes. Trust me, they are the "Walmart Special" because I refuse to spend any money on shoes until they need a good pair for walking. They were just so cute, Grandma Karen and I couldn't resist. The boys didn't seem to mind them either!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Connor grew 3 pounds while I was in Kentucky. I don't know what happened, but he hit a major growth spurt. All of his "9 month" clothes don't fit anymore. I bought him all new onesies and some jammies in the Carters size 9 right before we left, and none of them fit him. It's amazing! I haven't changed anything about his feeding. He's still getting 6 oz 5 times a day with a small scoop of rice cereal in it to thicken it up to keep the spitting up to a minimum....he's been eating that much ever since Eric left and that was 3 months ago. I weighed myself, then weighed him and he's 21 pounds! Brandon was 14 pounds when we left and is 16 now. UNREAL! I bought Connor 12 month size onesies and actually pulled out some jammies that were given to us in the 12 month size. They are being washed now, and I'll try them on him tomorrow. Brandon is into the 6-9 month size now...perfect...he's 7 months so he's at least gaining up on Connor. I'm going to be purchasing a new car seat for Connor probably next week. I'm pretty sure I know what I want, I just want to spend plenty of time shopping for the best price. Brandon is still scrawny enough that he can fit in his Graco for now.

Connor is getting really strong too. He's sitting up for short periods of time by himself. I really think the Baby Bumbo seat helped him! Brandon sits in it a little each day too, but gets mad after a few minutes...he's just not as strong as Connor. They are definitely growing.

Shout out to Eric for helping his "blond" wife download this picture for you all!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blond Moment # 1,857,938,901

I have had WAY too many blond moments on my recent trip to Kentucky. They range from screwing up the coffee maker, taking Interstate 70 instead of 74 to get home which put me an hour and a half out of my way, leaving my memory stick in mom's computer when I went to Illinois, having an omlet explode on the stove using an omlet maker, taking 64 instead of 77 in West Virgina even though Dad's navigational system was saying VERE RIGHT, and finally the most recent one....leaving my cord to download pictures from my camera on my mom's computer tower at home. Geez. So, don't expect any more pictures for a while until I get that back. Sorry! I can't help the fact that his world is not handicap to blonds.