Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parkin' It

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, we are spending A LOT of time outside before it gets TOO hot! We went to a new grocery store in town to check it out, picked up some bananas and chips and hit the park. We walked 2 miles on the trail, spent some time on the swings, ate bananas, walked some more, ate our chips, and then played some soccer. They took a FABULOUS nap today, and then we went to swim class. Brandon is finally starting to trust his teacher! He jumped into the pool into her arms, and did most of the exercises. I'm very proud of my little man.

Enjoy some pictures from our day!

Brandon is LICKING his Dorito and Connor is saying, "Sup mamma?"

Brandon ran around, dribbled the ball with his sunglasses on
his head and his Doritos in his cute!
Great kick B! I have a feeling my bottom will be s
pending a lot of time on bleachers with these two!

This is a picture of Connor the other night. He fell asleep with his arm on the wall and knee up. I think he was finally starting to feel better after his double ear infections and just CRASHED that night.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Enjoying the Weather

We are starting to have pretty nice weather here in NC. SO, we took advantage of it!

Connor kicking the ball right into the net!
Mommy...will you kick it up high into the sky?

We even got out the football...Connor was doing really good!
Cool dudes ridin' up the street
Poor Connor is almost too tall for his little power wheel!
Come on brother!

Before we went outside..Connor crashed on the couch!
Poor little guys have little head colds right now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swimming Twins

I enrolled the boys in swim lesson on Ft Bragg. Most activities are cheaper on Ft Bragg than in the civilian sector, but after their first session, I'm pretty sure I will look for lessons elsewhere. They put 5 preschoolers with 1 instructor which made me very anxious to begin with. The teacher didn't really engage Brandon and Connor in what she wanted them to do. Within the first 5 minutes of class, she was trying to get them to put their heads under the water. Now, in my opinion, they shouldn't be asked to put their head underwater in their first class. I was the only mom sitting right behind the kids in the pool...Eric was there too. The other moms were on the other side of the aquatic center..chit chatting and paying no attention to their own kids...and they were all misbehaving. I will never understand some parents, but "to each their own."

The next thing we knew, Brandon was totally under the water and unable to get out. I had to rush over and pull him out myself. The teacher had her back turned to the kids who were standing up against the wall and the lifeguard was definitely off in la la land. As a former lifeguard myself, YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR EYES OF THE LITTLE ONES! Brandon was a little hysterical when I pulled him out which was understandable. My concern was that Brandon would be scared of the water now. I held him for a while to get him calmed back down. I slowly inched closer to the pool and he did end up finishing the class by sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in.

I tried to talk to the aquatics director about switching to "mommy and me" class with the boys. They aren't quiet ready for formal lessons...if that's how the lesson are going to be. He wasn't super cooperative, but he and the instructor did agree to let me in the pool with them next week. I don't want to be one of THOSE moms who is over protective, but after the incident of Brandon getting stuck under water...I'm a little nervous. Yes, I can teach them some basics myself, but for once I just wanted them to be in a class where someone else taught them! Sometimes I feel like I have very unrealistic expectations of other people when it comes to the boys. No wonder so many people home school their kids!

We have to finish out the month since they won't refund my money, but I'm on a mission to find somewhere else for them to take lessons. I also hate to be THAT mom that pulls their kids out of every activity if I don't like it, but this is about my boys' safety! It may seem that I'm mad about this whole thing, but I'm really just more disappointed in the staff at the pool. Never the less, we got a few cute pictures of them!

The boys in their little swim trunks that were given to us from the Ashley family...
my friend who has the triplets!

This picture doesn't surprise me!
This pool is really nice! It has the beach entry where they walk right in.
Connor smiling and kicking with the teacher

Me calming Brandon down after I had to pull him out.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's MARCH already?

I can't believe it's already March! AND...I turn 30 tomorrow...proudly!

This is a very busy week for me! I have a few big cake, cupcake, and cookie orders looming over my head! I've been getting everything together, but there's not much I can really do until Wednesday. I hope I make it through the weekend and that all 3 of my clients will be happy with the end result!

My friend told me about a place called the Resource Lending Library. It's funded by the Partnership for Children and has TONS of items that anyone can check out. It would be a great source of educational activities and tools for homeschooling parents!!! I checked out a few things for the boys. It was hard to choose just a few things!

I got them this "ring" thing that I think is meant for little kids to learn to crawl through. However, it makes a great ball pit and the boys are having a blast playing with it. I would never spend the money on an item like this, but that's what this library is for!

I also picked up a few puppets....Brandon had the caterpillar...which turned into...

Connor's butterfly!

The boys start swim lessons tomorrow! I'm hoping for little fish who love to be in the water. I hope to get some good pictures...but I'm not sure if I have to get in the water with them or not!