Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do they look like me???

Here are two pictures of me as a baby that mom sent me. Do you think the boys look like me? I don't think so because they have Eric's nose and eyes, AND they are getting his long eyelashes! Watch out ladies...these are going to be some good lookin' boys!

Me right after I was born
Me and mom about 24 hours after I was born

Our Little Paratroopers

Well...both boys are still doing great. Brandon is on "ad-lib" feedings which means he eats whenever he's hungry or at least every 4 hours. He seems to be doing very well on the 4 hour schedule. Connor no longer has ANY feedings through the tube, and will most likely be on the "ad-lib" schedule within the next day or so. Both boys are scheduled for their circumcisions whenever my doctor goes back to the hopefully Sunday or Monday. They should be getting some sort of eye test this week and their immunizations! These are all things that happen right before they are released to come home! Talk about an awesome birthday present for Eric and myself. Here are some pictures of the boys in their little paratrooper bibs that were gifts from the colonel's wife, Lory!

Brandon saying "POWER TO THE PREEMIES"!!!!!
Connor waking up and ready to eat..notice the tongue!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The boys FINALLY meet each other!!!

What an awesome day today!!! First of all, it was a sunny 71 degrees outside with a light breeze. Second of all, I'm finally feeling better after my bout with mastitis last week. Third of all, THE BOYS FINALLY GOT TO SEE EACH OTHER!!!!! They were doing so good today that their nurse suggested putting them together and taking some pictures. I was bummed that it was during the day and Eric wasn't able to be there too, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. They look more and more alike each day and that's really obvious in these pictures!

Brandon is on the left (my right) and Connor is on the right (my left)
Brandon was trying to give Connor a kiss! SMOOCH!
Sleeping hard after 2 full bellies.
BABY FEET!!! Who doesn't love baby feet?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bathtime and Other Pictures

Well, on Sunday, Brandon was moved from his isolette to a BIG BOY BED!!!!!!! He's getting so strong everyday and gets closer and closer to coming home. He's over his little eye infection and is able to open both eyes now. We got to bathe him for the first time on Sunday night. Here are some of the memories.....

Here he is naked and ALERT before getting weighed in...
Here he is on the scale, but trying to pull the blanket over him...NO NAKED PICTURES MOM!
We were able to completely submerge him because his umbilical cord finally fell off! He didn't mind the bath too much...
Here he is all dried off and diapered up. Believe it or not, that's still a preemie diaper! Doesn't it look big on him?
All snuggly and warm in his big boy bed with Auntie Bri's hat on!

Connor has had some issues with eating this week. They actually put him on a nasal cannula because his O2 saturation kept dropping while eating. This little guy likes to CHUG and then forgets to breathe. He had a bad spell last night and actually turned blue. Talk about scary! That episode is the reason he needs to be in the NICU. Had he been home, we wouldn't have been able to help him through that spell. The neonatologists are going to watch him daily chart his improvements. Dr Cameron reassured me that this is normal for preemies and at 34-35 weeks, they tend to have these issues. Thankfully, Brandon isn't having the same issues and is progressing along well. They are both gaining weight, Connor is up to 4 lbs 15 oz and Brandon is at 4 lbs 3 oz.
Here's Connor stretching out in a warm outfit from Grandma Karen. They both love to stretch and squirm after we un-swaddle them!

One of Connor's sweet little smiles! He smiles the most while he's eating...maybe that's why he forgets to breathe....he's too busy being happy!
Connor chugging away...GO GO GO!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The latest news....

Well, there isn't a lot to update everyone on! The boys are still doing well. They are slowly but surely learning how to eat on their own. It can be frustrating for me at times, but the sucking reflex normally doesn't kick in until 36 weeks gestation, and they are only 34 weeks. Eric left today to head back to KY to do some recruiting for the Army with the dental students at UK, so it's all me this weekend! Unfortunately, I came down with 102 fever last night, so I wasn't able to go see them today. Talk about being BUMMED! I've been calling and checking in on them, and they're doing well...I just really want to cuddle them. I hope to go back tomorrow refreshed and well!

Here's Brandon sleeping so peacefully...wonder if that will continue when they come home?!?!?!?!
He's not quite sure about having his picture taken. He likes to put his hand in front of his face!
Wrapped up like a baby burrito again! This is his "I just nursed and have a full belly" face! Brandon got an eye infection of some kind last weekend, but he's much better now!
Seems like Connor yawns an awful lot! Baby yawns are SO cute!
Here's me washing Connor's hair. He doesn't mind a bath too much, but he does fuss a little when he's completely naked. Once we put his diaper back on, he calms back down.
Fussy pants!!!! Connor's nurse last weekend told me that he has these little "attitude spurts" where he'll fuss pretty loudly for about 2 minutes and then go back to sleep. It's like he's testing them to see if they will come and comfort him or make him work it out himself. He has YET to act like that when I'm there, so I think he knows I'm there and is on his best least that's what I WANT to think!

There's no word on when they are coming home...I get asked ALL THE TIME! We will let everyone know as soon as we find out. They have a lot of maturing to do still and need to be able to eat on their own without their feeding tubes. Don't be surprised if they aren't home before mid-March. Although, they could really excel over the next week or 2 and surprise us. They are Dankos...they don't give up and fight for what they want!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yet ANOTHER good day at the NICU!

Today was yet ANOTHER awesome day in the NICU. Not only did both boys do a GREAT job with the whole breast feeding thing this morning, but Connor has been moved out of the isoloette and into the baby crib that the "big babies" are put in once they are born! He's been able to sustain his own body temperature, so no more "baby baker" for him! Kathy, our weekend nurse, is such a neat lady! She was very helpful this weekend with both boys in regards to feeding and helping us get their footprints. Eric noticed the other day that we have WAY more pictures of Connor than Brandon, so we're trying to get some good ones of my little "B". We don't want him to feel left out when he gets older. Eric is feeding both boys dinner tonight which gave me a much needed night off. Hopefully, he'll catch Brandon's bath time to get some cute pictures!

Brandon yawning as I was wrapping him up in a baby burrito! Thanks Grandma Karen for the preemie outfit!!! Brandon was officially inducted into the "Danko Hall of Fame" with the enormously FULL poopie diaper he produced. WAY TO GO BUDDY!

Connor after a quick bath..he peed ALL OVER himself! Thanks Auntie Bri for the hat and Grandma Karen for the outfit! The hat is just a little big, but it looks super cute!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Thursday was a GREAT day!

Thursday was a GREAT day for the Danko babies! I left the NICU to eat lunch with my old coworkers, and when I came back...BRANDON WAS MOVED TO THE STEP DOWN NURSERY!!!! He's officially OFF his IV and is right next to Connor. Eric and I had a rough night on Wednesday with Brandon's nurse, and I left upset, but Eric took care of the issue. I really needed this awesome surprise on Thursday!!! They are becoming more and more snuggly and LOVE it when we cuddle them. They get sad when we have to put them back, but they'll be home soon enough and we can love on them whenever we want to!

Here's Connor again, still sucking away!

Here's Brandon WITHOUT his IV and looking SO cozy in his new nursery right next to his brother

I was glad to get to hold Brandon right after they took off his nasal cannula. The nurse was a little rough with him and he was MAD MAD MAD. Mommy made it all better with a snuggle while he ate lunch!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Quick late night update!

Connor and Brandon are doing SO well! Brandon had his nasal cannula removed today. (That's the 2 prong thingy they put up your nose to dispense oxygen) Both have been having some apnea spells which is normal for preemies. Brandon's were becoming so regular that they put him on some caffeine. He hasn't had any spells in 24 hours, and Connor has only had 2. They both need to beef up a little, so they are mixing a high calorie cocktail with the breast milk. Both are finally going #2 regularly and we think we're in the clear for jaundice. They check their levels regularly and they've been just under the mark where they would need the lights. Connor's IV was removed this week, and we hope to have Brandon's out very soon too. Keep praying for these little guys...they are doing SO well!!!

Look how big the newborn onesie is on Brandon!!!!

Connor is working on the sucking reflex and is doing well! I hope to have him breast feeding regularly very soon!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Cuteness at it's finest!

This posting is just to show HOW CUTE these little guys are. I can't help myself...I'm the proud mom!

Brandon sleeping peacefully in his new isolette. He likes to shove his hands underneath him and likes to pull his feet under him and push his bum in the air! Don't worry, that's just an IV in his head. They moved it last night back to his hand.

Connor smiling! I'm pretty sure I had just finished feeding him when Eric snapped this photo. Maybe it's not a smile and just a "happy milk face"

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Day the Danko Twins Arrived!

This is how it all started...

Monday was a normal day for me. Eric took Rena for a run, and I walked Jade about 1.5 miles. Eric went to work, and I made out our dinner menu for the week and headed to the commissary to do some grocery shopping. After I got all of the groceries put away, I took a short nap on the couch while watching the smut they call "daytime television." I did about 4 loads of laundry, showered, and got dinner in the oven. After Eric and I ate, we headed to the 2nd of 3 birthing classes. I was uncomfortable all during class, but just thought I overdid it during the day. Once we got home, I laid down on the couch to see if my belly loosen up a little. We both crawled into bed about 11, and by 1130 I was on the couch with lower back pain. It took me about 30 minutes to realize these "back pains" were coming and going regularly. I was like..HOLY CRAP...I'M IN LABOR!!!! I counted my contractions for one I was JUST taught in birthing class. After 1 hour, I woke Eric up and said, "Babe...I'm in labor" He came out to the couch with me and helped me count for another 30 minutes. I then called the dr and he told me to drink lots of water, take 800 mg of motrin and if the contractions didn't stop, to head to the hospital. We were on our way by about 2 am after throwing a bag together. I was planning on packing my bag that week! After we finally got parked, got in the labor/delivery triage unit I was already 7 cm dilated. I was immediately prepped for my c-section and headed to the OR. At 454 am, Connor Arden and Brandon Michael were born. With Connor at 4 lbs 1 oz and Brandon at 3 lbs 10 oz, they were taken to the NICU after I got a quick peek at them. I proceeded to the recovery room to warm up, and Eric headed to the NICU to check on our little guys. By about 8 am, I finally made it to my room and laid there in amazement at what all had transpired over the last 6 hours. Enough are the pictures!!!

The last picture of the pregnant belly!

The last picture of me pregnant right before surgery

Me warming up AFTER surgery...I was SUPER cold.

Connor Arden Danko 4 lbs 1 oz born at 4:45 am on 1/30/07

Brandon Michael Danko 3 lbs 10 oz born at 4:45 am on 1/30/07
(The hood over his head is giving him oxygen)


Eric holding Connor for the first time and feeding him

Kate holding Connor for the first time about 12 hours after he was born

Connor after a nice bath and diaper change on Thursday night

YAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN...after a full belly...still Connor

Eric's FIRST EVER diaper change on Connor!

Little Brandon...the day they took the oxygen hood off. KEEP GETTING STRONGER LITTLE BUDDY!!!!!!

Eric holding Brandon for the first time on Friday night

Awake and alert. He kept pulling his oxygen out of his nose so they had to tape it down...poor little guy!

Kate FINALLY holding her little Brandon Friday night
The boys are getting stronger every single day and have only taken steps forward. Connor is now in the Intermediate Nursery, beginning to nurse very well and getting cuter and stronger. Brandon is still in the NICU, but graduated to his own "incubator" today and had his first shot at nursing. We aren't sure when they will be able to come home, but as long as they keep getting stronger and "maturing" they will be home in no time. The nursing staff have all fallen in love with these little guys saying how cute they are and how laid back and easy they are to care for.
Connor was "Righty" in the womb and didn't move around a lot. He's JUST LIKE THAT in the real world. Brandon "Lefty" kicked the crap out of my ribs and moved around 24/7..he too is like that now. He's always moving and repositioning himself. When I went to check on him this morning, he was passed out on his belly with his little hand down his diaper. What a little man!
That's all for now. I'm tired and ready to relax for a little while. I'll try to keep this site updated maybe once a week or so. Watch out...CUTER PICTURES TO COME!