Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July is Almost GONE!

Life has been so unbelievably busy, that this blog has fallen by the wayside. Finding the time to upload pictures and updates is very difficult.

That being said, the summer has flown by! The boys have been in swim lessons regularly and are getting very brave in the water! Connor will jump in all by himself, go under the water and come back up with a look of surprise on his face. I take them to the pool as much as I can since it's the only way to get through the ridiculous heat we've been having. My glasses fog up when I walk out of the front door...that's how bad the humidity and heat have been!

Eric successfully finished his first year of residency...ONE MORE TO GO! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to him completing this and us moving on to the next step in his career. There are so many different paths we could go down, that I get anxious thinking about where we may end up next. I'm starting to get asked where we're moving next, when, for how long, etc. Please don't ask us! We will share the information as soon as we have confirmation. We know nothing as of right now, and won't know anything until after the first of next year.

August is going to be another quick month! The boys have swim camp the first week and vacation bible school. I'm very busy planning the annual membership drive for the Fort Bragg Area Officers' Spouses' Club. Being a part of the board has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. I have bi monthly meetings, and A LOT of paperwork, phone calls, and emails to do. I love it!

Eric and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on July 19th. We went to a very nice restaurant in Southern Pines and took our annual anniversary picture. I have them all hanging on the wall!

It has been raining all day and is supposed to rain off and on all week. The boys asked if they could go play in the rain, and I figured...WHY NOT? Here they are all "soakin' wet" and ready to go inside to dry off!

They keep us laughing a lot, and also wanting to plug our ears. They NEVER stop talking!!!! Connor is constantly telling us things...we call it "Connor's Commentary" He will make a great reporter someday. He repeats his facts, some are important...most are not...and gives a play by play on EVERYTHING! Brandon is just down right hilarious most of the time. Some of his latest realizations... "Mommy, when I poop I wipe my bottom and pull up my pants and if there's still poop on my bottom, I tell myself "don't worry about it" He told me that the other day at dinner! This morning, at breakfast he told me, "When I was a baby, I farted like a ladybug" I don't know where he gets this stuff from, but it's funny and very hard not to laugh at him.

Eric and I tried to bribe them with cookies the other day to be QUIET in the car. If they could be quiet from the restaurant to the house, they would get a cookie. Connor lasted about a minute and a half. He saw the moon and said, "The earth turns, the sun goes down, and we see the moon because of the sun's reflection" While that's very smart of him to say, and very true...HE LOST! Brandon lost a few minutes after him.

Preschool is right around the corner and they are READY! They both know how to spell their own names, the entire alphabet, can recognize numbers 1-5 and most of the days of the week. Connor can write the letters, O, T, A, L, H, and C. He attempts many others, but they are pretty much just scribble! Smart little cookies in the making!

Hope everyone is having a great summer...and STAY COOL!