Friday, January 19, 2007

Update on the babies

Our appointment went really well today! The boys are weighing in at 3 lbs 4 oz and 3 lbs 5 oz. The fact that they are only 1 oz off from each other is AWESOME for twins! They are still measuring a little bigger than they should according to my due date. Once again, that's AWESOME for twins. We want these little guys to be as big and healthy as possible.

I have been feeling lop-sided lately, and we figured out why. Lefty has switched from head down to breech, and Righty has switched from breech to head down. There's not a lot of room for these little guys to move around like belly was lop-sided.

My weight is still under the no complaints there either. Thank you to everyone, including Eric, who continue to tell me how good I look for being 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I had 3 clients tell me that today and it makes me feel SO good! Our bodies change so much during pregnancy, that it's easy for our self esteem to go down. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to get my old body back, but I liking my curves for now. Most of my clients are just now noticing that I'm pregnant at all!!! THANKS!!!

We are still shooting for the first week of March as far as my scheduled delivery. Keep your fingers crossed to keep these boys inside for 6 more weeks!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

30 weeks and STILL growing we are finishing up week 30. I still feel pretty darn good...considering the extra weight I'm carrying!!!! Sleeping is getting rougher, but tomorrow is my last day at work, so I'll be able to relax and begin getting their room ready. I have SO MUCH STUFF that I really don't know what to do with all of it. My friend Lori, a mother of triplets, is coming over this weekend to go through everything with me. I value her opinion very much when it comes to "baby stuff"!! We're going to the doctor today for another Ultrasound to check on these little guys and make sure they are still growing at the same rate. Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Baby Bump!

Ok...since I haven't "blogged" in a while, I figured it's about time to put up some more belly shots. The top one is at 26 weeks...

27 weeks.....
and finally...28 weeks.

Right now...I'm starting my 29th week and am starting to actually feel pregnant. I'm a little slower at getting up and down, struggle to tie my shoes, snore like a FIEND, and have trouble sitting at work all day with Righty's head in my ribs! We had another checkup at the doctor on the 3rd, and all is still going really well. I'm not dilated at all, blood pressure good, and heartbeats are strong! We go back for another ultrasound on the 18th to measure their growth. When the doctor measured my belly this week, it had grown 2 WHOLE INCHES in 2 weeks! I'm training someone to take over my position at work, and am looking forward to spending time at home getting the nursery ready. We're hoping these babies stay put for at least 8 more weeks, which would put me at 37 weeks. If I don't go into labor before then, the c-section will be scheduled that first week of March!!! We're starting to get really excited about the changes coming our way. I feel very thankful that this pregnancy has been so uneventful, when multiple birth pregnancies have so many possible complications. I'm still at the gym 3 days a week and attribute that to my healthy pregnancy. The boys are kicking my ribs really hard, so I'm going to go lay on the couch and fold clothes. Have a great week!!!