Saturday, April 24, 2010

Swim Lesson Pictures

Here are the swim lesson pictures I tried to post the other day. I also tried to post some older photos, but the blogger is NOT cooperating with me. I'm not sure why, but I'm working on it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April is almost GONE!

I know I have been super slack in posting, but life it super crazy!

I still cannot upload pictures on here. If any fellow google bloggers have some advice on how to get them loaded, I would appreciate it. I wonder if I need to update any part of this blogger site...hmmmmm...

The boys are keeping me extremely busy...all three of them! We are still taking swim lessons twice a week and trying to see Eric those nights either at clinic, or he tries to come watch them swim if his schedule permits. We got a different swim teacher for the month of April and Brandon is making BIG strides with her. He obviously did not trust last month's teacher because of his incident. Aliza is great with them and the class is only 4 kids instead of 5.

I registered the boys for preschool for the fall. I wasn't going to, but with Eric's schedule being SOOO busy I really need a little break. So, they are going to preschool at a local Presbyterian church 2 days a week. It is a 100% nut free facility (YAY), it comes highly recommended from one of the boys' NICU nurses, and feels very "homey" with sweet teachers and a nice balance of structure and education. I can still take them to Mother's Day Out on Fridays if I need an extra day to get things done. This summer, I plan on taking them to a few summer camps as well! They are a week long from 9-12. They have a theme each week. The last week is dinosaurs, so they will definitely be going to that one!

I recently accepted a position on the Officers' Spouses' Club in Membership. I will be in charge of a big membership drive in August and then maintaining new members through out the year. I'm very excited to be a part of this organization with the hopes to get more wives from the dental corp involved! The meetings and luncheons will coincide with the boys preschool times so I won't have to worry about childcare for them. It's a win-win situation!

I'm still making cakes for all kinds of people! I make about 2-3 a month. It's a nice balance for me to be able to make a few cakes, have a little spending money in my pocket, and still stay home with the boys. Can't beat that! I have a few pictures I need to put up on my Goodies Blog...but once again, time isn't always on my side.

Eric is still very busy with his work...there's not much more to say about that!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kentucky Trip

I have been trying to upload photos all morning and blogger is NOT cooperating with me. So, I'll just put a few words up here and will put up photos later.

We made it to KY safe and sound last Thursday. Once again the boys are FABULOUS car riders. Two potty stops, two stops for some food and that's it! I made the trip in 11 and a half hours while 9 and a half of that were actual driving hours.

Friday, we hung out for the morning until I received a call from the alarm company that our house alarm was sounding. I requested the police go out to the house since I knew Eric JUST left the house to head back to work after lunch. Sure enough, two idiots busted through our front door and robbed our home. That's right...they violated our HOME! Thankfully, they only got my jewelry box full of safety pins, old buttons, and non-valuable jewelry, a broken digital camera, and possibly a few of my Vera Bradley bags. I need to double check my Vera Inventory when I get home. Eric thinks they took one from the front hall, but I can't remember if the purse was even there. They did more valuable damage to our home than the value of what they stole. Eric is taking care of getting the whole front door, door jam, etc replaced. It's now just a big pain in the butt! I'm trying not to let this ruin my trip, but it's disturbing to think that 2 strange men where in my bedroom and in my home. It just makes me want to leave Fayetteville even more. 1 1/2 more years!

I worked the Turfway Races on Saturday to earn money for my high school band. They got 100 bucks towards the band and I earned $165 in tips! I've never waited a table in my life, but these patrons were just as demanding as my 3 year olds...although Connor and Brandon aren't usually drunk! Seriously, I had a great time, had a great group of 40 people whom I kept the alcohol coming to.

Sunday we hung out, did a little shopping, and had dinner Bridget and Jason's new house.

Monday, Dad the boys and I packed up the car and made our way to Illinois to see my grandparents, 2 sets of aunts and uncles, and my cousins....oh yeah...and Simba...the dog! We had a great time visiting with Great Grandpa Trame and I know he enjoyed watching the boys run around the house! Uncle Danny took the boys to his volunteer fire station, and they got to sit in 5 FIRE TRUCKS! They didn't enjoy the air horn too much, but loved everything else.

We heading back to KY on Wednesday and stopped by Ann's house in Indianapolis for the afternoon. We all ate lunch together and spent a few hours in the back yard enjoying the beautiful weather.

I'll be in KY for a few more days...heading back to NC either Monday or Tuesday. Mom and Dad are both off Friday so we're going to Panera for breakfast, since I don't have one in Fayetteville, we're meeting Bridget at her office for lunch, and doing an Easter Egg hunt at some point.

Like I said...when the blogger wants to cooperate, I'll upload some pictures!