Saturday, July 28, 2007

A chilly Saturday morning

I was cleaning like a mad woman all afternoon yesterday. I was trying to get cleaned up before Hunter and Michelle came over and also to get a little ahead for when I go out of town in ONE WEEK. Well, since I was so busy, I was getting really hot so I turned the AC down a little. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the temp back up before I went to bed last night. We were ALL cold! The poor boys slept in just onesies too, with a blanket, but their toesies were cold. After I fed them, Connor fell right back asleep so Brandon and I cuddled on the couch for a little bit. He looked SO cute all snuggled up in the maroon blanket. Eric brought this blanket back from Iraq during his last deployment. It is, by far, the warmest and soft blanket ever. It's the perfect blanket to cuddle in together, if you're not feeling well, or if you want to cuddle with a baby!

Connor fell asleep so fast out in the living room, that I just picked him up and put him in bed. When I went to lay Brandon down, Connor had pulled the blanket up over his mouth. I guess he was cold from head to toe!

Hunter and Michelle come for a visit

My friend Michelle..also the spouse of a deployed soldier... and her son Hunter came over yesterday. Hunter will be 2 in September and is ALL boy. Luckily, I had a few older kid toys and a booster seat for him to use and play with while he was here. He was very sweet towards the boys and loved to make Connor laugh. He would run up to Connor, laugh at him, and Connor would chuckle back!

I fired up the grill and grilled some Mesquite chicken, romaine lettuce, green beans, and broccoli. My friend Jessica grilled romaine lettuce for me when I went to Durham to see her, so I decided to try it myself. A little foil on the middle rack, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper...YUMMY!!!! I also just threw frozen green beans and broccoli in some foil, sprayed them with a little spray butter, salt, and pepper and they were also very good! Steamed veggies get old after a while. If all else fails, throw it on the grill!!! Michelle grilled for me when I went to her house last weekend. You wouldn't believe the number of other "wives of the deployed" who are surprised when other wives grill. "You really fire up the grill?!?!" HECK YES I DO! Virtually no clean up, and I get a hot meal which is usually low in fat and extremely tasty. I highly recommend grilling romaine!

Sweet Hunter
Goofy Hunter
"I'm watching you Miss Kate!"
Hunter loved getting on the play gym with the boys. They actually didn't mind!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

In something OTHER than PJs

The boys and I are going out to lunch with our friends Ame & Russ Keyser and their one year old son Gabe. Russ and Eric graduated from high school together. Russ is also in the 82nd Airborne Unit and is home right now on R & R. He left about 3 weeks before the boys were born so he obviously hasn't met them yet. We're going to hit up our FAVORITE restaurant, Red Robin for a burger and maybe one of their famous onion rings or two. I hope to get some pictures of Gabe so I can put them up...let me tell ya..he's one good lookin' boy with ice blue eyes.

Thanks to Auntie Bridget for the gift card to New York and Co that allowed me to purchase this new shirt! She gave it to me back in March for my birthday, but I haven't had the time or energy to use it. Plus, I wanted to get my weight back down to normal before I spent it! YAY for new clothes and YAY for being able to fit in all my pre-preggo clothes!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Answers to the Quiz


Brandon is on top and Connor is on the bottom. Let me give everyone a few clues on how to tell them apart.

Look at their chins...Connor has more and Brandon...most of the time. Their skin coloring and hair coloring vary based on what kind of lighting the picture was taken in, so don't use that as a clue. Brandon's eyes are much more round, and Connors are more almond shaped. Connor's mouth and smile is from ear to ear and Brandon's is more round. Connor's head and overall body is much bigger than Brandon's. Brandon's hair line across is forehead is very straight and defined...Connor's isn't.

Congratulations to those of you who got it right...including their daddy! SHAME ON YOU to those who got it wrong...JUST KIDDING. I love doing pictures like these to see what everyone thinks. It's all in good fun.

I have a feeling that Grandma Karen will be better at telling them apart after we spend the whole month of August with her!!!!!! We are SOOOOO ready to come visit. 2 weeks and counting.

If you don't know, the boys and I will be in Florence the whole month of August, so come and visit! We will be taking trips to see out of town family every weekend, but we are free during the week while the Grandparents are working. We have some room if anyone needs to spend the night. Just call me to make a reservation at Le Hotel de Trame!

Our new stroller

I've really been wanting a jogging stroller, but I was trying to hold off for a little while. I couldn't wait! I searched for the best price, and just bought it. The boys LOVED it! This stroller holds them better than my Graco and is much more "adjustable" In the Graco, you and sit straight up or lay all the way down. In this one, I can recline them however they want with a simple drawstring. It's a very smooth ride and extremely easy to push. I walked the first mile to get used to the stroller and ran the second. IT FELT GREAT TO RUN!!!! The boys were asleep before the first mile was over. I just have to figure out how to get it in the Explorer for our trip to KY in 2 weeks.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can you guess who NOW???

Ok, time to play the latest version of CAN YOU GUESS THE TWIN???? We took these pictures at Tiffany's house today. Her son got these glasses at a birthday party, and I thought it would be fun to put them on the boys and take pictures. I'm pretty sure these can be blackmail pictures one day. Leave a comment guessing which picture is which boy. NO CHEATING! Don't look to see what other people guessed! Tiffany and I laughed uncontrollably at the second picture!!!!

Day at the pool

My friend, Tiffany, called this morning and invited the boys and I to her neighborhood pool today. Since it's our 5th wedding anniversary today, and we had to spend it apart, I was glad to do something other than staying in the house all day.

I bought the boys these floaty things a while ago, but haven't been able to try them out yet. They were really cool! They loved them, and I did too, because it kept them completely out of the sun. The boys really like getting in the water, which is nice for me. I haven't been able to be outside for longer than a few minutes since the summer started. It was nice to get some fresh sun and fresh air.

Here's Brandon...sucking on his favorite toy...HIS FINGERS!
Here's Connor...what a lazy man! He was really asleep in this picture!
I had to take them out of the pool at 2 to feed them. I took off their swim trucks, put on only a diaper and wrapped them up in a towel. Brandon was being Mr. Photogenic while I was feeding Connor. Doesn't he look so sweet???
Gotta love Connor's smile!

I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have 2 happy babies. I know some people get very difficult babies who cry all the time, demand attention around the clock, and don't like to be alone. Our babies sleep through the night, only cry if there's a problem (most of the time) and love having some alone time. If either of them is overly-fussy for no reason, I strap them in a bouncy seat or situate them on their floor gym, go work on something else, and they instantly become content and play alone. How did I get so lucky?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another creature

After the boys and I got back from their appointment this morning, we had a little visitor in the front yard! He is cute, and I shall name him SAMMY!

The boys' checkup

Poor Connor was SO tired after our appointment this morning that he snuggled with me for a little while.
Brandon...being cute! Look at his's really starting to grow!

Well, the boys had another developmental checkup today and they both passed with flying colors. I'm going to go into detail, so if you don't want to read all the mumbo can stop here!!!!

For the rest of this blog...the boys are considered 3 1/2 months old, which is how old they would have been if I made it to my due date.

BRANDON 13 lbs 5 oz

Eating - Brandon is not eating enough. I KNEW this and I'm glad someone finally listened to me. He's been consuming almost the same number of ounces that Connor is, but he needs a lot more calories throughout one day than Connor. So, I'm going to have to give him at least 2 feedings a day of only high calorie formula. He should be taking in over 600 calories a day, and he's only getting roughly 500. That doesn't take into account how active he is.

Percentile - Brandon is in the 50th percentile on everything the measure...except his head...95th! HAHAHAHA Looking at his last measurements, and comparing them to the ones they took today, tell them that he's growing at a very consistent rate, which is good.

Development - Brandon was a very good baby today! He rolled over for them, talked to them, grabbed the toys they put in front of him, and attempted to sit up really well. His pallet in his mouth is arched very high, which could have been part of his eating issues as well. His suck might not be as strong as it should be, and he was over-compensating in other ways to eat. Mix that with the ear infection he had and you have an unhappy baby boy.

CONNOR 16 lbs 15 oz

Eating - It's obvious that he doesn't have any problems in this area. I was instructed to take the boys off rice cereal until roughly September. They don't need it right now and the nutritionist said there's no need in trying to develop the ability to use a spoon at this point either. Fine with less thing to worry about! She said that our society "markets" baby foods in a way that makes mothers think their babies need it. In all actuality, even a full term baby doesn't "need" rice cereal until they are able to completely support themselves when they sit up. So, the fact that I was feeding them in a bouncy seat was kinda silly. She said, they should be able to sit upright and not have to be reclined before any solid foods should be introduced. Once again, I'm glad she was there today for me to talk to. I don't want to push my boys to eat something they don't need in the first place to try and keep up with society. Bottom more cereal for about 2-3 more months.

Percentile - He may seem big, but he's still in only the 60th percentile for everything. At least they are both ON the chart now.

Development - Once again, Connor was a very good boy today!!!! He laughed, played with the toys, kicked, and followed stimulation very well. There's no longer a concern with the formation of the plates in his head. Whatever slight deformity that was there a month and a half ago, is now gone and no longer a concern. He also attempted to sit up very well and flirted like a champion. I asked about them pushing with their feet to scoot backwards and if that was a concern. She said as long as I'm not putting them in a walker, exersaucer, or johnny jumper, I don't need to worry about how they start to move. She did tell me not to promote scooting backwards by placing him up against a surface to push off on. Connor has started bringing both of his hands to his bottle and will hold it momentarily. ahead of schedule for him..WAY TO GO BUDDY! They did encourage me to get a Bumbo Baby seat. This seat actually helps them in an "occupational" way to learn to sit up and develop the correct musculature. My mom is going to the used kids store to pick one up for me to have while I'm in KY. They are made of a foam type material and are ridiculously expensive. Amen for consignment shops!

Overall, I was very pleased with their appointment and look forward to going back. The commander's wife, Debby, went with me to help me with the boys and I'm very thankful for her help. Connor had a mini-fit after he was weighed and luckily she was able to get him to calm down and take a little nap. As the grandmother to twin girls herself, she's very experienced. She also learned a lot in the 2 hours we spent with these ladies. It really is an amazing thing to be able to take part in this developmental program. I'm very thankful to the military, once again, for all the care and services that have been extended to us and the boys. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Connor

Since Connor came home last, Brandon has had more "Web time" than Connor. So here's some pictures...of...JUST CONNOR

He was being fussy the other day (I think he's in the early stages of teething) so I put him in the laundry basket that I was folding, and he loved it!

I bought a booster seat to try to start feeding them in, but they aren't quite strong enough to sit up on their own. Connor was really frustrated and uncomfortable and started crying right after I took this! OOPS! Mean mommy!

Great-Grandpa Bears

My grandpa Yibby, my mom's dad, bought all of his grandchildren a "grandpa bear." Well, now that his grandchildren are having children, the tradition continues with the purchase of "great-grandpa bears." He picks the bears out all by himself without help or opinions of anyone else. I know that all of my cousins remember their grandpa bears, and some even loved theirs all the way up to "bear heaven."

The boys have to spend time in their crib by themselves while I'm bathing the other. They scoot around on the floor way too much for me to leave them unattended. They really like their mobile, but seem to cry every time I put them in there at night. It's almost like they think I'm going to put them to bed without one last meal. So, tonight I tried letting them sit up in the corner of their crib with great grandpa bear in front of them. That way, they have something else to look at as well as something to help keep them from falling forward. You know what...?!?!?!?! IT WORKED!!! They both stopped crying, hugged on their bears, and watched their mobile. Man...I'm glad I like to be creative with my kids! I'll do just about anything to keep them from crying!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just some cute pictures

I bought these really cute outfits for the boys a month ago, and they came with hats. We decided to play dress up yesterday...well...actually...I decided to play dress up! Then we went to the commissary with the hats on...super cute.

My two little homeys!!!!
Connor really tries to pull himself to a sitting position from a laying position. I helped him out a little yesterday. This is him right before he fell forward. He was concentrating very hard on trying to sit up

Someone is rolling over now!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bunch of videos

Morning Routine

As I've said many times before, I follow the exact same schedule everyday. It keeps me sane and makes single motherhood much more manageable. Here's our morning WAKE UP CALL at 6 am...

This is usually what they look like...snuggled together under a blanket. This happens to be one of the quilts Grandma and Grandpa Trame made for them.

Without the quilt. Look at Brandon's little butt in the air...TOO CUTE!!!!!
I then roll them over and put on their mobile while they do their morning stretches. I usually brush my teeth and tend to the dogs so they can wake up and stretch it out!
Connor was REALLY stretching!!!!!

After this, I change diapers, strap them in their bouncies, feed and burp them, and we all go back to bed for another 2 hours or so! I love morning naps!

Beautiful Creature

We have some beautiful creatures that come to visit on our deck! There are lots of gecko like lizards that run across our deck and eat moths off the kitchen window screens. This one was especially pretty...not sure how I managed to see it and get a picture of it!!!! I figured I would post something other than baby pictures for once.

If only this lizard could catch the pesky mouse that's still haunting my bedroom closet! I actually heard it behind Eric's dresser in the middle of the night. I think it was caught in the TV cords...I was too chicken to try and catch it, and Jade was she was no help!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Bath time animals

I haven't posted any bath time pictures in a here ya go!

My bath time froggy...Brandon.
Doesn't he look absolutely precious in this picture! So cute

Connor has finally started splashing during bath time too. See the video below!

Brotherly Love

I don't think the boys realize each other just yet, but they might be getting close! They don't look at each other or smile at each other, but Connor ALWAYS pulls on Brandon's ear whenever they lay by each other. Connor likes to be touching something at all times, and he's been like that ever since they moved him to a big boy bed in the NICU. It's always his left hand too, for some reason. Brandon's ears seem to be his favorite thing to hold on to! Tonight, I managed to get it on video.

Being bullied by his bigger, older brother...poor Brandon!

I normally don't dress them the same, but I love these onesies. They say "When God created me, he was just showing off" Isn't that the truth! Thanks to my friend Tiffany for the outfits!

Open mouth, insert...THUMB??????

4th of July Overnight

The boys and I spent the 4th of July in Durham with my friend Jessica and her husband Andy. I went to EKU with both of them and was even in the Marching Band with them. We've been trying to get together since April, but something comes up at the last minute. I went to their house after I dropped Ry off at the airport.

Me, Jess, and the boys

Jess has a hammock in her back yard and it was a beautiful morning, so we took the boys out there to get some fresh air before their morning nap.

Thanks to Andy and Jess for their help with the boys, hospitality and delicious food

Peek-a-boo Brandon

Jade's Kisses

Rylan and Connor playing Motorcycle

Sunday, July 1, 2007

At the pool!

Rylan and I took the boys to the pool for the very first time today. I found little swim trunks at Old Navy for them!!! We weren't sure how they would like the water, but it was really warm...just a hint cooler than their bath water. They both LOVED it! We managed to find a corner of the pool that was completely in the shade, so we spent all of our time there.

Ry with Connor
Brandon looking like a big boy in his swim trunks
My BIG boys
They were both pooped after about 30 minutes in the water....
Connor was pooped more than Brandon

Bouncy Bouncy Brandon