Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fun with the FAM!

Bridget and I on our way out to the mall on Friday. There's nothing better than a little "siser" time! I seem to wear that same sweater in every picture!!!

My nephew, Noah, riding Aunt Bridget! We had TONS of fun with him this weekend. He's such a smart little man.

Aunt Kate and Uncle Eric got Noah a Cars shirt and Cars alarm clock for Christmas! Grandma Karen bought him Cars sheets for his new big boy bed. What more could a 3 year old ask for? He can't wait to meet his new cousins...and neither can his mom. This will be the first time Annie becomes Auntie Annie!

Showering the babies in Kentucky

My sisters, Ann & Bridget, and my best bud Rylan, threw us a baby shower this past weekend. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

We played the smell-the-melted-candy-bar-in-the-diaper game. We all had to smell the brown candy bar surprise in each diaper and figure out which chocolate bar it was. It was AWESOME to watch all of the guests smelling away! The guests also had to draw their best "baby" picture, but there was a catch. They had to draw it with the paper on top of their heads. All of the guests were good sports and had a great time.

We received so many wonderful gifts from all of our family and friends. Tons of clothes, toys, "buttpaste", blankets, and many homemade quilts and afghans. Thank you to all of our family and friends who came in town from Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, and various parts of Kentucky.

These are the bears that my grandpa Yibby picked out for the babies. He bought all of his 14 grandchildren their first teddy bear, and has now continued that tradition with his great-grandchildren. Thanks grandpa!! You did a great job picking them out, and I'm sure the boys will love them. Don't forget to brag to all of your Florida friends on the golf course that you have great-grand-twins on the way...I bet none of them do! We'll see you on your way back from Florida...hopefully the babies will be here by then..HAVE FUN!

Thanks one more time to Rylan, Ann and Bridget for a great shower! It means the world to us to have such loving and caring family and friends.

The final product...WHEW!!!!

On our way into Kentucky late Thursday night, we had a little fiasco with our Explorer. Bottom line, it caught on fire on Interstate 64 W due to a problem with the axle. No one was hurt by the flames, and they went out on their own after about a 5 minute mini-blaze. 7 months pregnant, shivering in the median between 64 E and W in 12 degree weather, no cell phone service, no exits for MILES, and no way to get a hold of anyone to help us. We'd like to give a SHOUT OUT to the trucker who radioed the cops for us. The car was towed by AAA to the nearest Ford Dealership since it's still under warranty. (Thanks to Eric's parents for the AAA membership every year...we definitely used it!!) My parents woke up and drove an hour and a half to Mt. Sterling, KY to pick us up and all of our luggage and Christmas gifts. (Thanks mom and dad...you were angels this weekend. Sorry to have been such a burden!) We both had to miss work on Monday to get the warranty company to approve a rental car for us to get back to NC. We made it back safe and sound with the car literally busting with gifts. Eric will be heading back to KY sometime next week to pick up the car and return the rental. There's nothing better than a 900 mile round trip drive...anyone up for a ride?