Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Garden

Our landlords left us a garden full of beautiful worm-filled soil. Originally, we were supposed to have T-ball at 10, but once practice got moved to 530 I decided today was THE day! Here's what I started out with...

Here's the final result. I "tilled" this all by hand! I went through and used a spade to lift up the weeds by the roots, continued to "spade" the rest of the dirt and used one of those garden rakes to spread the soil evenly. It would have gone MUCH faster with a gas powered tiller, but that's not near the workout! Notice our baby sitters, Jade and Rena sitting on the other side of the fence!!!

One of the main reasons I wanted to wait until Monday was that I didn't want to deal with the crowds at Home Depot today. We made it in and out with little frustration.

We bought...
Cherry Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Green Bell Peppers
Red Bell Peppers
Potting Soil (for our Topsy Turvey Strawberry planter)
Bird Seed

I realized, once I got all the way out the car, that my bird seed slid off the bottom of my cart and fell into the parking lot. There was a guy loading his car right next to me and asked if I was the one who lost the bird seed. He said it was by the front of the store. He proceeded to go all the way back and bring it back for me. HOLY COW there ARE still some super nice people out there. That saved me a trip through the busy parking lot with Ding and Dong.

We got home, and starting planting away!

While planting, B started screaming that something was in his ear. He was down right freaking out! I looked in it, and there sure was a little gnat or bug of some kind. The sound of the bug in his ear was really loud and scared him, but my neighbor was standing right there and got it out while I ran inside to get some q-tips and peroxide. It's all good...bug is dead...and B was ok! Very typical of our family's always something!

I'm going to return 1 package of cucumbers and 1 package of Romas. I didn't read the little stick thingy before buying them. Once I started planting, I didn't NEED that many cukes and maters.

I'm pooped from the day's festivities, so the Topsy Turvey Strawberries will have to wait until Sunday or Monday. I also need to pick up some more tomato cages. Hopefully the $50 investment we made will MORE than pay off! I'd really like to can some cukes and turn them into pickles. I wouldn't mind making some of my own tomato sauce. That would require these green things to grow! Do I have a green thumb deep down??? I'm slightly doubtful, but I did manage to keep a Poinsettia alive from December through March! I'm guardedly optimistic.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

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Danko Grandparents said...

The garden looks good Kate! I have some EASY pickle recipes for canning if u want. Bet the boys enjoyed helping. Bet Eric can't wait for the tomatoes! LOL