Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spray Chalk

Another Pinterest find...


This was a very cool activity to do with the kiddos! All you need is cornstarch, water, spray bottles, and tempura paint.

I found colored water bottles in the sample aisle at Walmart by the pharmacy. I only spent about $10 for this activity and we got 2 whole uses out of that. The cornstarch is the only thing you'll need to keep purchasing, and at only $1.25 per container!!! I love cheap things that make my kids happy. The boys had a GREAT time with this, as did the neighborhood kids. Spray bottles are a good activity for B to strengthen his fine motor skills too!

The only thing to be aware of is that when cornstarch dries, it gets hard. So, as soon as the spray bottle is empty, take the pump out and let it soak in super hot water. If not, then it will get clogged up and will make the kids unhappy and the mommy frustrated!

This project is definitely going in our "Summer Box-O-fun"

These are the colors I started out with...

This is what the chalk looks like once it dried...
We have a black top driveway, which made the colors look SUPER bright and vivid once it dried!

The boys and I did all of this with just ONE of the batches of spray chalk!

I just sprayed the driveway down with the hose, and it all washed right off.

Try it...your kids will LOVE it!

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