Sunday, April 1, 2012


We registered the boys to play T Ball this season through the Fairfax Little League. We played soccer through FPYC (Fairfax Police Youth Club) last fall, but wanted to try out a different athletic organization for t-ball. So far, we are VERY pleased with this group! Our coaches both played ball through high school and into college, and one is the current baseball coach at one of the local high schools.

One of the coaches wasn't able to attend practice last night, so Eric ran home, changed his clothes, grabbed his glove and helped out.

Here are a couple of SUPER CUTE videos of the boys "at bat"

Brandon at bat...

Connor at bat...

Don't they look ADORABLE in their HUGE helmets???!?!?!

Here's another video of Brandon doing push ups...this is down right hilarious! last video. First, turn your speakers down! This is Connor FREAKING OUT about our house alarm. He gets like this every...single...time...we either leave the house or come home. The alarm went off on him one time, and now he's scared to death of it. Notice B laughing and jumping up and down in the background :)

You may think this was "mean"...but as I watched this before I posted it...Connor was standing right behind me laughing at himself for freaking out in the video. He's not traumatized...I promise ;)

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