Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aunt Bridget was here

My sis came in town last Friday and stayed through Tuesday. She was here to present her proposal for her dissertation, and stayed with us! We are close to the metro, so it was very easy for her to get to and from Maryland State. We thoroughly enjoyed having her here, and already miss her. FYI, her proposal was accepted...WAY TO GO SIS.

When Bri used to live up in this area, and I'd come visit, she would do such fun things for me. Now, it was my turn to reciprocate.

Up first, towel animals! If you've been on a cruise, you know what I'm talking about. Thanks to this YouTube video, I figured out how to make some myself!

I decided to go with the duck and the turtle. The turtle was my FAVE!

She would also put together a little welcome basket for me. I made her a "Dissertation Proposal Survival Kit"

Hot Tamales, Nerds, Gummy Worms, Fiddle Faddle, pens, highlighters, bath loofah, note pad, clip board, razors, face wash, hair bands, and mini cans of Mt Dew!

On Sunday, we went to see The Hunger Games. GREAT movie! If you haven't read the book yet, GO READ IT and then go see the movie. It doesn't matter that the book is written for Young Adults. I read it, my teen age cousins have read it, and my 60+ year old parents have read it. It's definitely not the Young Adult books of MY young Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter's Club, but it's a GREAT series.

Thank you for coming to visit Aunt Bridget! We love you and miss you already:) Bring the Baby Sydney with you next time!!!!!!

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